Teaching English

Our main project is developing an app to help the kids at Bharathi Primary School learn English. This app will focus on phonetics to improve the students' pronunciation of English words. It will also help them build familiarity with reading and speaking English. The app will have interactive lessons and exercises based on phonetics. Students will learn the sounds of English letters and letter combinations. They will practice pronouncing words correctly by listening to audio examples and comparing their own pronunciation. By creating this app, we aim to provide a comprehensive tool for learning English. The focus on phonetics will give students a strong foundation in pronunciation. The reading and speaking activities will build their overall language skills. With regular practice using the app, students at Bharathi Primary School will gain confidence and proficiency in English.

Current Project

Phonetic-based learning is an effective approach to teaching English that prevents rote memorization of words and phrases without understanding their meaning. By focusing on the sounds of the language, students develop a strong foundation in pronunciation and can more easily decode unfamiliar words. One key benefit of phonetic-based learning is that it encourages students to actively engage with the language. Rather than simply memorizing words as whole units, students learn to break down words into individual sounds and letters. This process helps them understand the underlying structure of the language and apply their knowledge to new situations.

Why Phonetics?

"Imparting education not only enlightens the receiver, but also broadens the giver - the teachers, the parents, the friends."

- Amartya Sen